Trotta-Brambilla Gabriella

Assistant Professor at the Grenoble National School of Architecture (ENSAG)

Architect and urban planner, I approach the notion of territory from the scale of the house to that of the landscape, trying to understand the relationship between space and needs, desires and temporalities characterizing the lives of its inhabitants. I mainly work upon the metropolis of Grenoble and Turin, by analyzing the relationship between city and mountain, but by reversing the classic look that sees the periphery from the center. My research is based on the notions of “reticular territoriality” and of “design-led approach”. They especially intersect in the educational project "The territory of the line of the alps: stakeholders, mobilities, projects", funded by the Labex ITEM.

My research is mainly situated in two poles of LabEx ITEM:

  • Pole "Territoriality, Liminality and Metropolisation Peripheries": through the cases of Grenoble and Turin, I analyze the question of urban and mountain areas' participation to the construction of a metropolitan territory. In both cases, the research is developed from the various activities initiated by local stakeholders on a railway line (an existing and desired infrastructure vs a planned but refused infrastructure).
  • Pole "Individualizing mountain territories": I'm particularly interested in methodological and epistemological issues related to collaborative action-research and design-led research, as well as the questions of the integration of local knowledge in research processes and the role of the researcher between academy and society.

Mail : gabriella.trotta[at]

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